About us

Delogic: the people - the idea -  the plan

Delogic is as a Gambian company supplier of quality materials for the horticultural production. Established in 2016 by Ebrima Sonko. Supported by his Dutch business partner he aims to improve Gambian horticulture. Through innovation of Gambians crop production we believe Gambia can sufficiently provide in healthy food. Initially we focus on the Gambian growers and markets. Surplus eventually results in export of products.

We have intensively analysed crop production nation wide. Our conclusion: Many innovations can easily be implemented in each step of the production proces. To research and demonstrate the effects of these innovations we have started a test garden in Brikama.

Already we see that new seeds and innovative fertilizers dramatically improve the production results. That's why we'd like to introduce to you our improved seeds, the so called F1 super hybrid seeds. These seeds are guaranteed and certified GMO free. Next to better seeds we introduce efficient and effective fertilizers and equipment as well as knowledge.

Our mission statement is ”Better Seeds - Better Crops”. We are exclusive distributor of improved seeds by Enza-Zaden Holland (www.enzazaden.com). We offer smart fertilizing with Agrocote Controlled Release fertilizers. And we deliver your equipment like sustainable nursing trays and also tunnel greenhouses.

However better seeds might be the first condition to improve the horticultural production chain; After all seeding is the very first beginning of the chain. Without improving the next steps in the chain, the effect of seeding the F1 SUPER HYBRID seeds will be less promising. 

In his chain analysis Delogic points out what changes will cause dramatic improvements: change of the activities, methods, materials and equipment in order to provide the Gambia sufficient and healthy food. Wanna know more? Download the production analysis: analysing the horticultural production chain.

At the end it is knowledge we'd like to share. Not only to deal with today's challenges. Also challenges in the future require constant innovations and improvement. Climate change for instance will come with unforeseen threats but also with opportunities for the horticultural production. The Delogic community is the platform we offer to share experiences, ideas and knowledge. Join the community and receive the latest news about innovating  Gambian horticulture.