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Greenhouse: protect your crops

Protected cultivation is upcoming in the Gambia. Finally we are capable of protecting our harvest from birds that just like to drink from out tomatoes. As well as we can protect crops from the sun by usage of special shade-nets that filter over 75% of the burning Gambian sunlight !

Would you like to invest in protected cultivation ? Contact us for further details !

New protected Production @ Mandina Ba garden

After a long long period of research and tests we proudly present our new tomatoes. Soon ready to harvest.
Do you realize how much toxic we consume while eating locally grown tomatoes? It is impossible to defeat viral diseases by spraying large amounts of chemicals on fruits and vegetables. Still this is the common practice.

DElogic now is working on successful green-house cultivation. Without any chemical addition on the tomatoes, you can eat as much as you like without intoxicating yourself !

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New greenhouses under construction

Delogic has moved it's production activities from Brikama to Mandina Ba. In Mandina Ba we co-operate with EverGreen. This family company has a long tradition in growing a variety of crops. Together we make the next step to protected cultivation. We are happy to intensify the co-operation with EverGreen and we are looking forward to bring our local products to the market during raining season.

Delogic opens an online shop. This makes it easier for our clinets to find the products they need. From any location in the country it requires a simple smart phone and a little credit to find our product gamma. So keep an eye on our site !

IOM co-operation not yet specified

On their request Delogic presented on a day long information session for 150  'returnees'. At Galaxy, Senegambia, Delogic presented it's goals and opportunities for returnees to join Delogics program 'towards independent entrepreneurship in horticulture'. In our presentation we clarified how we see the stepping stones towards a beneficiary garden and greenhouse. The conversations with IOM about our proposal are still on going.